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Winerax Launches 24 Bottle Wine Rack Modular Pack

Product News

Winerax is pleased to announce the latest arrival to its collection: WRX24V - a 24 bottle wine rack kit set utilising New Zealand's premier modular cellaring system.

For many of our customers the 12 bottle Starter Module is too small, whilst our 48 bottle range is too big, so positioned between the two this new product neatly fills the gap, with an added bonus of a 10% cost saving compared to purchasing two 12 bottle packs - the previous solution to the problem!

The WRX24V pack also comes with the added flexibility of being configurable as either a 24 bottle "Tower" or a 2 x 12 bottle "Side by Side" configuration straight our of the box.

Of course, as it uses the same WINERAX modular components as our other systems, each individual rack can be joined, which allows you to extend in length and height at anytime, or even use the new pack to expand your existing WINERAX cellar system.

Whatever you choose, redundancy is built-in, and your investment is safeguarded with the added knowledge that durability comes as standard with WINERAX systems, and so they will be ready to expand whenever you and your wine collection require.

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