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Two things to consider with the news that Global Wine Production fell in 2016

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The last few weeks have seen various reports released about the state of the global wine industry, and more specifically, the news that wine production volumes in 2016 have decreased, and that they are among the lowest recorded in the past 20 years.

Before everyone gets too depressed about this news, it is worth noting that not all regions of the world saw a decline, and our personal favourite, New Zealand, bucked the trend and increased its output :)

Now that we are appraised of the wine industry production issues, it's time to get prepared for any consequences that may arise, and here are a couple of things to think about:

1. If global volumes are down, and the forecast is uncertain, then surely it is time to think about stock piling some of our favourites, you know, just in case... Obviously we will need somewhere to store them, so why not get yourself one of Winerax's 12 Bottle modular wine racks, a perfect match, so to speak, with your favourite case of wine!

2. As New Zealand production is rising, why not take the opportunity to fill your cellar with some of our stellar vintages and make a bulk purchase from your favourite local winery... Where to store these extra bottles? Easy, get one of Winerax's 48 bottle modular wine racks, problem solved!

Two simple solutions to get ahead of the game and avoid any unnecessary angst should these production issues lead to future supply chain problems for your favourite vino.

Winerax's modular cellaring solutions, cleverly designed to store your wine.


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