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Wine racks are the most convenient way to store and organise your wine

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Whatever the size of your wine collection, whether it be just a handful of bottles or hundreds of bottles, storing them safely, securely, and in a manner that will help to protect their valuable contents, because, let’s face it, the glass bottle is usually the least of your concerns, it is the liquid inside that is the more important, and dare we say, most interesting component - with apologies to the wine label collectors out there, but for you, rest assured, Winerax is designed to allow the label to be visible too!

We have written in the past about how a wine rack, and the Winerax modular storage system, in particular, can help you to reclaim your garage floor space, but wherever the location of your wine, using a wine rack is the most convenient, efficient, and simplest way, to organise your wine.

Now, you don’t have to store your wine collection in your garage, but as the majority of us do not have a cellar available to us it does make an obvious choice, especially as it is typically cooler than the rest of the house and relatively “light proof” too. Plus, in some, but not all cases, it has some wall space that can be utilised. However, no need to panic, a garage is not a prerequisite, and there are plenty of other places around the home where you can store some wine, and remember, it does not all have to be in one place, you can spread it out.

If you do opt for multiple storage locations, then you might also want to become “creative” and store your wines by variety, i.e. all Sauvignon Blanc in the cupboard under the stairs, all Syrah in the laundry, etc. Whatever works for you?

Once you have decided to store your wine, the next task is selecting a wine rack; now you might accuse us of bias here, but we feel that there is no better option than Winerax!

Why? Well, here are just a few reasons, but by no means all:

  • Simplicity - no complicated instruction manual, no tools required, ready in minutes.
  • Modularity - you can build/create a wine rack to fit your space, you are not restricted to a uniform design. So you can start with just 4 bottles and then increase in multiples of 4 bottles as required.
  • Expandability - designed to expand vertically and horizontally in any direction; so it really is the only wine rack you will ever need!
  • Size - the compact form will fit almost any space that a wine bottle will fit into, even onto a shelf inside your fridge!
  • Horizontal Wine Storage - the optimum position for storing wine is having the bottle in a horizontal position, especially if sealed with a cork, and Winerax is designed to reduce the risk of the cork drying out and thus helps to prevent oxidisation.
  • Relocatable - change your mind about where you have your wine stored, or moving home? Winerax is easy to disassemble and reassemble and can move on your whim, and of course, can even be reconfigured into a different design to suit your new space.
  • Durability - designed to last, and provides dimensional strength and flexibility with rigidity.*

* A question we are often asked is: “Why does Winerax use ABS Plastic and not Wood or Metal?”

The reasons are many, but to keep it simple, as we love simplicity at Winerax, here are the key ones:

  • Assembly - Wood and Metal are not always easy to assemble, and typically require tools! Plus, once assembled, they are not typically the easiest to reconfigure or relocate.
  • Moisture -  the ideal conditions for storing wine involve humidity, and hence the presence of moisture. Moisture is not a friend to Wood, which actively attracts moisture, and that can lead to it warping and rotting. Where metal is concerned, moisture can lead to corrosion. So you need to monitor the condition of your wine rack as well as your wine if using these materials.
  • Heat - can be an enemy of wine, and metal is an extremely efficient conductor of heat, and therefore it can transfer this to the wine stored upon it. This temperature conductivity could become a problem if you keep wine for a number of years, although it likely will not damage wines that are stored for a short period of time.
  • Accidental Damage - Wood and metal are both materials that are liable to the odd accidental piece of damage, creating dents or chips, both of which can affect the structural integrity of your wine rack, and in extreme cases, this could lead to a possible collapse of your wine rack!

Winerax has been designed to alleviate all of these concerns, it was designed by a wine lover and industrial designer, Bruce Barnes, and has been providing a practical, stylish and effective storage solution for wine lovers worldwide for over twenty years - check out our collection and start your wine rack off today: “start small, grow big, no limitations”.

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