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A simple design

"I just wanted to say that I think your product is fantastic! I just put it together last night and was so simple, and I can't believe how sturdy it is even though it's so light. It's also more compact than I thought and looks great.Thanks very much. Sharon, Auckland"

Winerax better than wine racks and here's why

Designed by a man as meticulous as a winemaker, WINERAX is the first truly "easy to assemble" modular wine rack. Able to expand or shrink to suit any space  or  indeed any wine collection. Whether it's in your garage, in a cupboard or under the stairs, tailor make the rack to fit your needs.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand tough ABS plastic construction,WINERAX is a must for all wine enthusiasts looking for a practical cellaring solution.
Winerax wine racks are so easy to assemble you hardly need instructions