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Wine Collecting Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

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We’ve just been reading an article on by Paul Gregutt (Contributing Editor) that caught our attention thanks to its tag line: “Think you don’t have the space or the budget to start a wine cellar? Think again. With a few tips, a stellar collection can be within everyone's reach”; which of course resonated with us here at WINERAX as our WRX12 Starter Module is the perfect wine rack for starting out your wine collection with.

Paul Gregutt goes on to say: “There are many benefits to starting a modest wine collection. Notice I said “wine collection,” not wine cellar. A collection is a much simpler (and cheaper) way to get the ball rolling.

Maybe you feel that you don’t have the space. But look again. Is there a small closet that can be dedicated to a few boxes of wine? Or an unused basement corner (away from any heat source, of course)? ... All you need is a place that maintains a relatively stable temperature throughout the year, is away from direct sunlight and is vibration free.

You can start slowly. Buy two bottles at a time: one to drink and one to put away”.

We're sure that most, if not all of us, can find a location that fits the bill, and with the WINERAX modular cellaring solution you have the perfect wine rack to adapt to fit your space, as well as one that is cost effective - our Starter Kit will cost you less than your first case of wine, and probably less than one or two bottles!

What’s more, your investment is protected as the durability of WINERAX means that it will last, and last, and last, almost certainly longer than you will keep your first bottles of wine for; so you can re-use it again, and again, and again - if only your wine bottles would refill in the same way!!!

As an additional benefit, WINERAX’s modularity means that it is a wine rack that is able to grow as you grow your wine collection, as you can add levels or side attachments in increments of just four bottles; the design options / variations are virtually limitless, and allow you to configure to suit you and your available space.

Plus, if your wine collection outgrows the original space, or you move locations, WINERAX can change and move with you, as its simple, no tools needed design, allows you to reconfigure whenever the need arises, easy.

Back to Paul: “Remember that wine collections are like gardens. They must be tended regularly. Poorly organized stacks of random cases will likely mean that bottles will be lost, overlooked or forgotten completely.” absolutely, check out some of our before and after images here.

Finally from Paul: “Without some sort of organization, that pricey bottle you were saving could wind up in the spaghetti sauce”.

We could not agree more, organization is key to cellar management, and once you’ve built your WINERAX wine rack you are well on your way to managing your wine collection, but don’t stop there, to make absolutely sure that you remain on top of things why not add our WINERAX Cellar Tags for no fuss simple identification, so that as your wine collection grows you can remain confident of being able to find just what you want when you want it.

For more insights from Paul, you can follow him here @PaulGWine or email

N.B. To the best of our knowledge Paul has never heard of WINERAX, nor does he endorse or promote our products, but we’d like to think that he would approve if he had, and that he forgives us for using his article in our blog. Thank you Paul :)

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