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Winerax Cellar Tags (Priced and shipped in packs of 48)


Winerax Wine Cellar Tags (48Pk)

Winerax Wine Cellar Tags are designed to compliment your Winerax system, our Wine Cellar Tags will help you organise, find and keep track of your valuable wine collection no matter the size.
They are double sided so they can be used several times. 

Available in packs of 48 at just $21.95

Wine Cellar Tags large information panel helps you easily identify the:
- Variety
- Vineyard
- Year of Bottling
- Cost
- Cellaring Time

While easy to fit over the neck of any wine bottle our unique “8 Tooth” design will keep your Wine Cellar Tags securely in place.

Winerax Wine Cellar Tags also make a great gift as they will fit most wine racks.

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