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Winerax 12 Bottle Starter Module


The perfect way to start your cellar and wine collection, or the perfect gift for the wine buff in your life!

The WINERAX 12 Bottle Starter Module is light and compact, yet it is cleverly designed to offer excellent strength, stability, and of course durability.

Dimensions: W. 395mm x H. 385mm x D. 290mm

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The ABS plastic frames will not decay or go mouldy, and another great feature is that the bottles are stacked on a slight angle, making the wine labels easy to read.

The practical plastic design also allows space to use sticky labels to help make your cellar management easy, but you could of course also use WINERAX Cellar Tags instead for that added professional touch!

It may be the baby of the WINERAX collection, but it still has all the flexibility of its larger siblings as it uses the same modular components; this means you can construct a wine rack to fit your space – whether it is under the stairs, or in the basement, bookcase or closet. WINERAX is also great for use on shelving.

Of course, as each individual rack in the WINERAX system can be joined to another, this allows it to extend in length and height at any time, so it is ready to expand when you are.

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