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Winerax 192 Bottle Rack


WIne is your passion, and even an investment, you appreciate its subtleties and intricacies, and enjoy experimenting and developing your wine collection; but, how do you organise and cellar this lifelong work?

The WINERAX 192 Bottle module pack provides the answer, with a wine rack designed to make optimal use of space whilst providing secure and convenient storage for your wine, making it easy to keep your wine bottles organised, and of course, protecting your investment!

The standard pack offers a simple wine rack configuration out of the box, but as the WINERAX modular system allows for each individual module to be joined, thus allowing it to extend in length and height in any direction, you are not restricted to just the suggested configuration and you can construct a wine rack to fit your space, or even multiple wine racks – whether it is under the stairs, or in the basement, bookcase or closet.

Side by Side (12 rows of 16 bottles) W. 1550mm x H. 1510mm x D. 290mm

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The ABS plastic frames are cleverly designed to offer excellent strength, stability and durability, nor will they decay or go mouldy.

As organisation is key for your wine collection to make sure that you can find what you want, when you want it, another great design feature of WINERAX is that the bottles are stacked on a slight angle, thus making the wine labels easy to read.

The practical plastic design also allows space to use sticky labels to help make your cellar management easy, but you could of course also use WINERAX Cellar Tags instead for that added professional touch!

The 4 bottle sections are also great for the wine buffs who buy by the case, and because they are modular they can grow with your wine collection too because you know that 192 bottles might not just be enough!

Click on the Variations link to see some of the possible configurations.

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